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She Goat is the franglais collaboration of Shamira Turner and Eugénie Pastor. Formed in 2015 in an attic in Battersea, they blur the lines of theatre and live music, truth and invention, with radical co-operation and extravagant multi-tasking.

Their debut show DoppelDänger was a baroque-pop gig-theatre show about doppelgängers, rooted in the lived experience of being historically mistaken for one another. The Undefinable presents a live radio show about unconventional relationships, adapted into a podcast mini-series when their 2020 tour was curtailed by the pandemic. In lockdown, they created and hosted Curious Hearts Song Club – bespoke, interactive listening parties for isolated, queer, and curious souls. 

She Goat create and perform visually haunting, sonically rich, intimate performance artworks, inspired by historic aesthetics and rooted in personal experience. Throughout, they seek innovative ways to make their work accessible to visually impaired audiences. Between them they play flute, electric bass and guitar, tenor recorder, autoharp, accordion and various keys. They can’t resist a close harmony, mucking around with gender, and finding ways to be together.

Eugénie and Shamira are also associate artists of critically acclaimed Little Bulb, which Shamira co-founded, and have co-created most of Little Bulb’s shows, including most recently Olivier Award-winning ‘Wolf Witch Giant Fairy’ at the Royal Opera House. Individually, Eugénie Pastor and Shamira Turner lead and collaborate on numerous other projects wearing different hats and wigs. Shamira is She Goat’s producer.


She Goat has been enabled to make work from scratch over the years thanks hugely to project grant funding from Arts Council England and support from Battersea Arts Centre and Camden People’s Theatre, and, of course, our dear audiences. x 

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Doppelgängers at the ladder. Two white beings lean either side of a wooden ladder. They wear pink, felt, flower-like bonnets and matching vintage-style wrestling outfits. White bloomer shorts, white skull caps. Two circles of white fabric float on each chest.
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