She Goat is the franglais collaboration of Eugénie Pastor and Shamira Turner, associate artists of award-winning Little Bulb Theatre.

Together, they are interested in blurring the territories of theatre and live music, extravagant multi-tasking, and reclaiming what it means to be two women on stage. 


Shamira Turner is an artist, musician and performance-maker, represented for acting by Mia Thomson Associates. She is a founding member of Little Bulb Theatre, and has co-devised and performed in the majority of the company’s award-winning shows. Shamira has collaborated with critically-acclaimed companies 1927, Theatre Ad Infinitum, The Sleeping Trees, and Camille Boitel / L’Immédiat, and toured nationally and internationally. Her work tends to involve detailed character work, innovative integrations of live music, and disruptions of gender expectations. Shamira is She Goat's producer.


Eugénie Pastor is an artist, musician and performance-maker. Her pluri-disciplinary practice encompasses performance, music, installations and conversations. It explores a sense of shared intimacy and humanity and  is interested in emotional earnestness and the ways embodied physicality produces knowledge.


Two dudes in yellow mullet wigs, each at a microphone with a foam cover: yellow on the left, blue on the right. The yellow-mic dude looks upwards with a wrinkled brow. The blue-mic dude speaks into the mic with eyes tight shut.

“Howled with laughter, gasped at their musical dexterity” @DJstewartwho

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