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Baroque-pop gig theatre about dangerous doubling


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Completely engrossing – both Pastor and Turner are incredibly multi-talented" Exeunt 

"Surreally funny... They use their bodies boldly, in a way that is still rare to see in women on stage." ****The Stage

After years of being mistaken for one another, real-life doppelgängers, Eugénie and Shamira, finally made a show about it. With gender-twisting visuals and gothic storytelling, DoppelDänger is an exploration of dangerous doubling that reclaims what it means to be two women on stage. You’ll be seeing double with this gig theatre featuring experimental live music and Baroque-pop mash-ups. 
With an uncanny blend of 1630s-inspired Euro retrofuturism and 1930s wrestling, DoppelDänger is a bilingual boundary-bending attic takeover about the self, the other and togetherness.
Surreal, empowering: it’s Schubert meets the Spice Girls, with electric candles and hijacked video art. Bring your other selves along for the ride. 

DoppelDänger wrestling duo. Two individuals, shoulder to shoulder with their backs to us, in matching orange velvet capes with gold collars and a gold capital letter “D” embroidered onto the back of each. They wear white cloth caps that cover their hair, with holes for their ears to poke through. One faces away from us, one turns to look at the other beside them. Each hold their outside arm away from their body, bent elbow, hand making a fist. A stark black background.
Created & performed by She Goat
Shamira Turner & Eugénie Pastor
In collaboration with
Sarah Munro: Costume
Peter Byrom: Video
Sam Halmarack: Musical Advisor
Deborah Pearson: Dramaturgical advice
Verity Sadler: Set
Marty Langthorne: Lighting Design
All Photo credits: James Allan
Commissioned by Battersea Arts Centre
Supported by & developed at Camden People’s Theatre
Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

“The highlight comes in She Goat’s DoppelDänger, two artists linked and the limbs and singing…strange compositions, like Björk’s dissonant combinations of simple vocal melodies laid out with humour over complex sonic productions.”

The Wire, Dec. 2015

Arts Council England Logo: Supported using public funding by ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND and the National Lottery
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Throughout the live show, we hijack found artwork of uncanny duos through the ages. They become us, we become them. Paintings would come to life, suspended behind us, for every song in the live performance. 

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Audio-described trailer

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