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She Goat gives you

Undefinable EP

liminal songs of longing
recorded live in performance in Camden, winter 2019
an Extended Play
extending the Undefinable universe of undefinable love
The Undefinable front cover FINAL.jpg

P.S. Get this digital EP on Bandcamp for bonus treats, like that tiny flute loop video above! Plus: visually playful lyrics sheet, hand-picked photos with image descriptions, and a tiny bonus track (a wonky real-life outtake of us in rehearsal, one for the true fans and honorary goats out there.) x

Two beings in deep pink and dark blue lighting sit either side of a tech desk. They are each talking into a microphone while looking into each other’s eyes. The microphone on the left-hand side is yellow, the one on the right is blue. The beings are dressed in denim shorts, blonde mullet wigs and black t-shirts with homemade signs. Behind them, scraps of note paper are stuck up on the wall and one large sheet of paper is lit in deep pinkish red – on it is written ON AIR in capital hand drawn letters. On the table are two desk lamps, a cafetière, two metal water bottles, two nodding dogs, a laptop and some hardware and wires. The table is laid out mostly in mirror image.

New EP of late-night sonic stories from experimental duo She Goat.

Tracks celebrate and investigate the love linguistics of George Sand, The Ladies of Llangollen, and coffee as an excuse for togetherness.


This mini collection of live takes from ‘The Undefinable’ live show was recorded at Camden People’s Theatre, December 2019.

Electronic textures, sung harmonies and evocative storytelling merge
in bittersweet odes to relationships that can’t – and won’t – be defined.

This is the Undefinable, Extended Play.


Released Feb 14, 2021.

All songs written and performed by She Goat (Shamira Turner and Eugénie Pastor).
Eugénie Pastor: electric bass, keytar, vocals, triangle, electronic instruments.
Shamira Turner: electric guitar, keytar, vocals, triangle, electronic instruments

Recorded at Camden People’s Theatre, London 2019.
Engineered, mixed and produced by Enrico Aurigemma 2020.

Photo artwork by James Allan
She Goat’s creative developments have been supported by Camden People’s Theatre, Battersea Arts Centre, and public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England license.

All rights reserved. (c) She Goat.

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