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Like many folks, our 2020 tour dates and our focus needed to shift and respond to the impact of the pandemic.

We've been investigating how to connect with you in different ways.

Ways that are digital, exciting and still intimate.

This led us to make the audio art adaptation of The Undefinable (a free podcast mini-series, which you can check out anytime).

We also created a series of bespoke online listening parties, the Curious Hearts Song Club, which brightened up some foggy evenings.

And we've released the album of original music from our show DoppelDänger - it feature live recordings, banter, and we hope captures the surreal energy of the live gig. We'd love for you to turn the lights down low and give it a listen for an at-home gig experience.

Curious Hearts Song Club

an online listening party


8pm-9pm on Thursdays

15th + 29th October

+ 5th November

Find out more here

There are currently no further events planned.

Thank you to all the curious hearts who joined us!

Two dudes in yellow mullet wigs, each at a microphone with a foam cover: yellow on the left, blue on the right. The yellow-mic dude looks upwards with a wrinkled brow. The blue-mic dude speaks into the mic with eyes tight shut.

“Howled with laughter, gasped at their musical dexterity” @DJstewartwho

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